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Adopted October 16, 2007

PREAMBLE:  The Guadalupe Apparition of 1531, a pivotal episode in human history, continues to find expression today in religious life as well as in popular culture and scholarly inquiry. The Guadalupe Institute, a New Mexico nonprofit corporation with its origin in celebrating the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution and the seventy-fifth anniversary of New Mexico’s statehood—both occurring in 1987 and both encompassing issues of peace through justice—recognizes the universal appeal of the Constitution of the United States of America and of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

The mission of the Guadalupe Institute is to promote justice through advocacy, education, and outreach. We are guided by a commitment to the traditions of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which include a Christ-centered spirituality expressed in love, unity, mutual respect, tolerance, forgiveness, and open communication.

The Guadalupe Institute will fulfill its mission in these three ways:

         A. As a catalyst for and to facilitate public dialogue on broad social,  economic, legal, political, and religious issues inspired by the values of the Guadalupe Tradition.

         B. As a repository for Guadalupe historic, literary, and artistic materials.

         C. As a partner with those seeking to develop and maintain dialogue about the Western Hemisphere’s potential to promote interdependency through social and economic justice.

The Guadalupe Institute is inspired by the Guadalupe Tradition of a Christ-centered spirituality expressed in love, unity, mutual respect, tolerance, forgiveness, open communication, and justice and by her message:

“Don’t you know I am your Mother, and I love you?”


The Guadalupe Institute has worked collaboratively to create a presence with the general public interested in participating in programs supported by the Guadalupe Institute of responsible, respectful dialogue.  Presence should also be in our personal spiritual lives, in our homes, in our communities, in schools and universities, across generations, in prisons, and among immigrants.  It also seeks a presence with previous, current, and potential partners in programs and activities.


mission 1987 - 2007

The mission of the Guadalupe Institute is to:

  • encourage dialogue and interest on hemispheric issues relating to political, economic and social themes;


  • present research papers on subjects of current interest with a focus on a longer range perspective;


  • provide a means of comparison of political and economic solutions;


  • provide a service of mediation of issues of the day;


  • be a reliable resource of information concerning the Guadalupe Traditions;


  • be a repository of library materials and artistic images of Guadalupe;


  • provide for examination of Guadalupe written and artistic materials;


  • promote personal and group pilgrimages to the site of the apparition;


  • promote devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and Her message, “Don’t you know I am your Mother, and I love you?”

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